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Ibrit Font Embroidery

Ancient Ibriy Font

Ancient Hebrew (Early Semitic): This is the original pictographic script used by all Semitic peoples, including the Hebrews, The known beginning of the early Semitic alphabet is used in Egypt and Sinai penninsula.early as 2000 BCE.

Early Semetic Ibriy Font

Early Semitic: This font is similar to the "Ancient Hebrew" font. The oldest early Semitic script is inscibed on rock in Wadi-El-Hhol, Egypt. approx.1800 BCE.

Paleo Ibriy Font

Paleo Hebrew (Middle Semitic): This is the Hebrew alphabet that was in use from about 1200 BCE and into the first century CE.

Mendel Siddur Ibriy Font

Modern Hebrew: Also called the "Aramaic square script," Approx. 1000 A.D. this is the font that is used today in Hebrew Bibles and books as well as the alphabet used in Israel today.

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DSS Hebrew (Late Semtic): This is the Hebrew script used in the Great Isaiah scroll and is representative of the Hebrew found in most of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Approx. 500 BCE. to 1st century

Moabite Stone (Middle Semitic): This is the script used on the Moabite stone, which is written in Moabite approx., 900 BCE. virtually identical to the Hebrew langauge and the Paleo-Hebrew script.

Qumran (Isaiah Scroll) Ibriy Font

Gad Ibriy Font

Torah Sofer Ibriy Font

Ruth Ibriy Font

Peacan Ibriy Font

Moabite Ibriy Font

Tzipporah Ibriy Font