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Kuttonet With Wycliffe Ribbon

 ברוך אתה יהוה

אלוהינו  מלך

העולם אשר

קדשנו במצותיו

וצונו להתעטף


כנת כסות





Translation: "Blessed are You, YaHuWaH, our God, King of the universe, Who has sanctified us with His commandments and has commanded us to wear the Tzitziyot (fringes) upon the four corners of our garment:

Debarim (Deut.) 22:12.

Malak Kuttonet/

Wycliffe Ribbon

Price: $145.00

Option A-Grey Malak Kuttonet .5 inch wide Geneva R

The Kuttonet with our Wyclife Ribbon is Ebriy Khoq's NEW application for Tzitziyot. We apply Indigo Linen fabric as A decorative hem embellishment, The Basic Kawnaph (Corner) Tassels retains the cords of Indigo (Blue). Options of Light Indigo, Indigo, or Dark Indigo may be selected. It is entitled Wyclife Ribbon because in Number 15:38 The word Ribbons appears only in the Wycliffe, Geneva, and the KJV Bibles. However, The Wycliffe bible proceeds the Geneva and KJV bible by 140 years, denoting the Name Wycliffe Ribbon.

Option 1 Abraham-Assyrian Tzitzyot (1) Cohan Melchezidec Kuttonet Tassle Kanawph Tzitzyot

Cohan Kuttonet/

Wycliffe Ribbon

Price: $160.00

Yitzkhaq Kuttonet Wycliffe Ribbon (1)

Yitzkhaq Kuttonet/

Wycliffe Ribbon

Price: $165.00