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Custom Qodesh (Set Apart) Hebrew Israelite Apparel At Modest Prices!

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Miknawce (Trousers)

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Miknawce (Trousers)


Yitzkhaq       Miknawce (Trousers) 

Plain Cargo Pockets $130.00

  Abraham Cargo

Miknawce (Trousers)


Sh'mot 28:42-43



42. And you shall make them Sheshiy Miknac (Trousers) to cover their nakedness; from the loins to at least the thigh they shall reach:

43. They shall be upon the Cohanim, when they come into O'heel Moade Yisrael (The Tabernacle Congregation Of Israel) or when they come near the altar to minister in the Qadosh Place that they bear not Iniquity and die; it shall be a Kuqaw (Statute) for ever unto the Cohanim and his seed after him.

Ha Sar (The Prince)

Miknawce (Trousers)



Ha El'azar Lewi Cohan Miknac (2) Miknac  Pleated Cargo (2) Abraham Ha Ibriy (7) Sar Miknac (1) Ah'tik Yomia (Ancient Of Days) (5)

 AtikYomia (Ancient Of Days)

Miknawce (Trousers)


Abraham Kuttonet and Miknac (10)

Yitzkhaq Miknawce (Trousers) Pleated Cargo Pockets


Yitzkhaq Miknawce (Tousers) (1)


Miknawce (Trousers)